Social Commitment


Solidarity and support for people in difficulty are part of the moral commitments of Manuli Stretch Group, which has been supporting social initiatives for years.

The Manuli Onlus Foundation, set up by local businessman Dardanio Manuli in 1992 and since then operating under the guidance of Mrs. Cristina Manuli, is the most representative example of it. Among the first ones to deal with home help for Alzheimer’s sufferers, the foundation has so far provided 200,000 hours of voluntary care from specialised staff and voluntary auxiliaries.
Among the recognitions received, the “Ambrogino Public Merit Award” from the City of Milan (2004), the Municipal Council Shield of Honour (2006) for the work carried out in Milan and the surrounding area for over ten years and, the “Angelo dell’Anno” (Angel of the Year) award for socially-responsible services (2007).

Several international projects are also among the Foundation’s plans and achievements: the electrification of the rural village of Tougouri (Burkina Faso) through the support of Amani Nyayo Onlus, thus enabling the development of the socio-health system, the creation of water pumping and the accumulation systems for civil and farming uses, professional training and the setting up of crafts laboratories, along with the lighting of houses in the evenings.

In Argentina the collaboration between the company and the Marìa de la Esperanza Foundation has allowed to build the ‘La Esperanza Centre’ for poor emarginated children in San Marco Sierras, Còrdoba. The centre contains both accommodation and work facilities (a school of Arts and Crafts) and a farm for home–grown products to be used to help maintain the centre.