img_ambienteIn every activity it performs, Manuli Stretch engages in safeguarding the values of correct and sensible behaviour with regard to the environment, by setting precise guidelines aiming at fundamental targets:

  • reducing waste quantities,
  • recycling plastic and other materials within the company,
  • rationalizing the consumption of raw materials and, as a consequence, of virgin resins and other non-recyclable materials,
  • limiting the consumption of natural resources, with particular regard to energy.  

In accordance with these principles is the choice made between 2010-11 to install photovoltaic systems at the Aprilia and Isernia plants, thus increasing the quantity of renewable energy to help contribute to the production processes, and at the same time reduce the CO2 emissions.

The environmental principle is deeply rooted not only in production activities, but also in designing new eco-friendly, innovative and 100% recyclable new products:

Manustif® and Manuforce® - pre-stretched, highly-resistant, low thickness films - allow a 50% saving on material consumption per pallet versus traditional films, and a great reduction in waste material.

Manunature - oxo-degradable stretch film, it complies with ASTM D6954-04 provisions on biodegradability, and conforms to European directive 94/62/CE establishing that the maximum content in heavy metals must be lower than 100 ppm.

Manuessence® - coreless stretch film - lightness coupled with lower waste per palletised unit.

REACH DECLARATION – Registration, evaluation and permit for chemicals

ENVIRONMENTAL DECLARATION – Manuli Stretch Deutschland