Manuessence® : prestretched & coreless img_manuessence
a new concept of packaging solution!

Manuessence® is a low thickness 100% recyclable LLDPE prestretched film, available in two different versions: with or without the cardboard core. Thanks to exclusive raw materials and the development of absolute state-of-the-art technologies, Manuessence® offers an ideal solution for ensuring stability of palletized goods during transportation, lower unit costs and waste reduction.


- excellent physical-mechanical properties: great strength, good puncture resistance, impressive cling characteristics, exceptional protection and stabilization of load, even when particularly heavy.

- pre-oriented: needs less tension and it is easier to apply, requiring significantly much less effort during application for the operator.

- high versatility: can be used for a wide range of applications.

- lower thicknesses up to 8my: cutting of consumption per pallet exceeds 50%, compared to traditional films, consequent optimization of the costs per packing unit > environmental protection - less plastic to dispose of,  less vehicle CO2 emissions in the associated deliveries.

- coreless: a great eco-friendly initiative – significant waste reduction, saving of time, money and effort.

- very light rolls: user-friendly, easy application reducing both effort and time.

- Coreless version is supplied with a special dispenser to make film application as effortless as possible.

- Available for both hand and machine application.