The new generation Stretch Hood film!

We are proud to announce that Manuli Stretch is welcoming a new arrival in its family of flexible packaging:

Manulock® is a three layer coex film, which guarantees the highest reliable protection of the palletized goods, during transportation & storage, thanks to its sophisticated raw material combination and to the special structure, thus offering great elasticity and excellent extensibility.

Almost energy-free handling during the application and trouble-free machinability, Stretch Hood is a very appreciated and valuable contribution towards operational cost-efficiency for our clients.

A safe & stable packaging solution for a wide range of applications:

  • Brick & Tile Industry
  • Natural stones, Paving bricks, Concrete blocks
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Humus & Soil Industry
  • Appliance Industry
  • Logistics Centersà Commissioning
  • Big Bags
  • Sacks

Key characteristics:

  • Adjustable retention force for customized performances
  • High puncture & tear resistance (impact) for safe, hole-free packaging
  • Just one size of Manulock® for different pallet formats
  • Production on latest 3-layer COEX technology lines for 100% smooth processing
  • High transparency for fault-free bar code readability and excellent visibility of the packaged goods
  • Easy to be used on all different packaging machine systems
  • Optionally stabilized with UV protection and/or UV absorber
  • No sealing with individual packaging materials due to the absence of heat
  • Protection against moisture and dirt