Corporate governance

img_mManuli Stretch S.p.A. retains it right and proper, and in line with corporate policy, to adopt the Organisation, Management and Control Model foreseen by the decree 231/2001. This decision has been taken with the conviction that by adopting the model (irrespective of the decree and its contents, which by nature are optional and in no way obligatory), the company can raise awareness among those working for, and on behalf of, the company.

The Board of Directors has entrusted internal controlling functions to a supervisory and audit body, the Supervisory Committee, which has the responsibility to supervise the efficiency and effectiveness of the operational Model, as well as ensuring that it is kept fully up to date.

The purpose of the Model is to build a structured system with the necessary staff to carry out the required procedures and controlling activities, including preventative measures to avert potential criminal offences foreseen by the decree being carried out.

Model foundation points are to sensitise and circulate conduct regulations and procedures at all company levels and to carry out the mapping of company Risk Areas, that is to say activities where there is a greater risk that offences be committed.

The Code of Conduct rules contained in the present Model are to be added to the Code of Ethics pdf, which represents an integral part of the first.